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Technology has made it comfortable to get your PNR status on the go. You can use the Indian Railways website: to find out the status of your reservation. You can simply log on to the website on your mobile phone and find about the PNR status in no time. If you don’t have Internet access on your mobile phone, you can simply use SMS to get the status of your PNR.

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Getting the status of your PNR using SMS is very simple. You can simply type PNR and then your PNR number and send it to 57886. Here is how you can do it: write IRPNR [PNR number] send SMS to 57886 and the get the Status of your PNR. For example, your 10 digit PNR number is 1234567891, so you can go to messages in your mobile. Create a new SMS and Type: IRPNR 1234567891 and send it to 57886. Besides the Indian Railways, there are other players who offer PNR status on SMS. And some of them even offer it for free.

Getting PNR Status by SMS is not the only feature provided by the Indian Railways. In fact a gamut of information can be accessed using SMS service. The number 139 is an important number when it comes to the Indian Railways and can be used to get various types of information about your train journey. It can also be used to get the PNR status of your ticket. All you have to do is send your PNR number to 139. Here is how you can do it: PNR <Your 10 digit PNR Number> and send it to 139.

You can also use SMS to find about your train enquiry, train fare, and various other services. If you want information about your train, just SMS: Train <Train number><DOJ DDMMYY> <Station Code> and send it to 139. Similarly if you want information about the seat availability, just use this format to SMS: Train <Train number><DOJ DDMMYY> <Station From: STD Coode> <Station To: STD Code> <Class> <Class Type> and SMS to 139. If you want to know about the fare using SMS service, here is how you can do it: FARE <Train number><DOJ DDMMYY> <Station From: STD Coode> <Station To: STD Code> <Class>.