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In the vast country like India where language and culture changes after every 100 km, Indian Railways plays a vital role in connecting different regions. In fact, it not only connects different states but connects the people of this country also. A railway ticket is the token by which one gets right to travel on a train. Indian railway ticket is very easy to purchase. It can be purchased using various options available.

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Indian railway tickets can be booked online, on railway ticket booking counters or at railway stations. No matter where you purchase a ticket, all Indian railway tickets carry the same value and are honoured without any distinction. The fare of an Indian rail ticket is one of the lowest in the world.

At one point in time, Indian Railway ticket reservation system was manual. Everything has to be done using manpower. But with the coming of computer technology, there is paradigm shift in Indian railway ticket booking. It was in 1986 that the first computerized reservation center was opened in New Delhi. The year 1995 was landmark year in the history of Indian railways ticket booking history when the whole ticket booking system became internet-friendly and one could access latest information about the status and availability of train seats on a computer. Today, the ticketing network has been computerized but looking at the size of the vast country, there are far-flung areas, where technology has still to reach.

The access to Indian Railway tickets has become easy with the advent of internet and mobile phones. And it has given people all the convenience of booking an Indian railway ticket without any hassles. There may be some additional surcharges along with the basic amount but that is fair for the convenience that one gets. Travellers, who use rail services frequently can purchase a railway passes (monthly or quarterly) to enjoy unlimited travel between two places.

Discount is available to senior citizens on the actual price of tickets. Physically and mentally challenged persons, students and high ranking government officials are also offered discount on rail tickets. In the lowest class of accommodation of passenger train, one compartment is assigned for ladies. There are several berths or seats in second class and sleeper class that are reserved for ladies. One can also opt for season tickets, which permit unlimited travel on particular trains for a particular period of time.