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'Tatkal Railway Reservation' is an emergency reservation scheme of the Indian Railways. Tickets under ‘Tatkal Scheme’ can be booked just 2 days before the actual date of journey. Since Tatkal tickets are a little expensive than the normal tickets, the refund rules on Tatkal ticket are quite different and heavy as compared to the normal ticket.

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An amount of 25% of total fare is charged on non-confirmed ticket (excluding Tatkal Charges) is refunded on cancellation of a Tatkal ticket. These charges are quite less, in some case just Rs. 20-50 for a normal train ticket. The ticket can be cancelled up to 24 hrs before the scheduled departure of train. No refund is granted on the confirmed 'Tatkal' tickets, if a ticket is cancelled within 24 hrs of the scheduled departure.

Full refund of fare and Tatkal Charges is applicable only in certain circumstances like: