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Everyday millions of tickets are booked for Indian railways and each day millions of people use Indian railway to travel from one place to another. Every day it also happens that the travel plans change, sometimes a ticket is not confirmed and a passenger cannot undertake the train journey. In such cases Indian Railways has framed ticket refund rules. These refund rules are very convenient and a passenger’s money is returned after deducting some nominal charges. The deduction of charges depends on various factors like when the ticket was cancelled. It is also depends on the fact that if a ticket was booked under Tatkal quota or general quota.

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For example, you booked a ticket which was waitlisted and it didn’t get confirm. In that case a ticket on which no reservation of a seat or berth has been made goes for cancellation within three hours after the actual departure of the train for which the ticket was issued or for any ticket valid for the whole day, within three hours after the actual departure of the last train of the day for the destination station. In such cases a refund of fare is after deducting Rs. 20/- per passenger.

If your ticket was confirmed but you didn’t undertake the journey and cancelled the ticket according to the rules, refund of fare shall be made after deducting cancellation charge from the fare.

On RAC tickets and no cancellation charges are payable if a wait-listed or RAC ticket is presented for cancellation up to three hours, when the ticket is for a destination station up to 200 KM.

No cancellation charge subject to certain conditions and full fare is refunded on RAC, and Waitlisted tickets, if the journey is not undertaken due to late running of the train by more than 3 hours of the scheduled departure of the train from the journey commencing station provided that the ticket is surrendered upto the maximum time limits.

In unlikelihood of train being cancelled due to accidents, breaches or floods, the full refund of fare is granted within three days excluding the scheduled day of departure of the train.

For detailed information and other ticket refund rules, one may check the Indian Railways or IRCTC website.