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What if you have an emergency and you have to book a ticket just in two or one day in advance? Going by the popularity of the Indian railway, there would have been no tickets left for booking. But Indian Railways have kept in mind the emergency and last moment decisions of travel in mind and have introduced ‘Tatkal Railway Reservation’. Tatkal means last minute. Thus Tatkal facilitates last minute booking of train tickets. However, it does not mean that one can book a ticket literally at the last minute.

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The Tatkal scheme of Indian Railways has proved immensely beneficial in emergency and for people who make their travel plans at the last moment. 'Tatkal Railway Reservation' is an emergency reservation scheme of the Indian Railways. The Tatkal booking scheme is applicable to more than 100 trains across the country. Under Tatkal scheme, people can book their train tickets just 2 days before the actual date of journey. The booking for 'Tatkal' opens at 08:00 hrs IST two days prior to the definite date of journey. For example, the train is leaving on the 26th, 'Tatkal' booking will start at 08:00 hrs IST on the 24th of the respective month.

How does Tatkal Scheme work? Indian railway keeps a certain number of seats reserve for the Tatkal quota and it is a great way of getting berths on a train that you need plan to travel on. In each train of the Indian Railways, there is a 'Tatkal' quota in Sleeper Class, 2A, 3A, and AC Chair. Please note that 'Tatkal' bookings are permitted in all classes except First AC and Executive Class. If the seats are empty after Tatkal quota, these vacant seats are then released to the passengers in the waiting list.

Tatkal tickets are a little expensive than the normal tickets, and they can sell out in minutes for busy trains. When booking a ticket under Tatkal Scheme, a traveller has to book for the ticket for the entire train journey (with a few exceptions), though one can select a boarding station different from the originating station. To book Tatkal tickets one also has to pay an additional Tatkal charge.

An amount of 25% of total fare charged on non-confirmed ticket (excluding Tatkal Charges) is refunded on cancellation of a Tatkal ticket. The ticket can be cancelled up to 24 hrs before the scheduled departure of train. No refund is granted on the confirmed 'Tatkal' tickets, if a ticket is cancelled within 24 hrs of the scheduled departure.

Things to be kept in mind before going for 'Tatkal Scheme':