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Indian Railway PNR: What is PNR?

Passenger Name Record is abbreviated as PNR. A PNR is also called Personal Name Record and it is the single most important element in Indian rail ticket. Passenger Name Record (PNR) is a 10 digit number that contains information about the passenger and his/her seat. Each railway ticket has unique PNR number, which is written on the top left corner of an Indian Rail Ticket. In simple words a PNR is a travel record of a railway passenger or a group of persons in the database of Computer Reservation System (CRS). PNR has five parts that are vital in order to get a booking done.

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Here are the five elements that one may finds in PNR

Once all the details are filled in that are required to complete a booking, the CRS then issues a unique alpha-numeric record locator that remains despite any extra changes made. The PNR number is of utmost importance and even you lose the ticket but you have PNR number, you may know the details of your ticket including your coach, berth number, boarding and de-boarding points.

One can check the status of ticket by going to the railway website: PNR enquiry is also available on phone. One can also SMS a PNR number to a designated number allotted by Indian Railways to get the required information.

PNR enquiry is very simple and one obtained the status of one’s ticket by optioning number methods that are available. Logging on to the Indian Railway website is one of them. It is easy to get your PNR status by using a phone or mobile. Indian Railways has designated specific phone number for enquiry of PNR number and other information about arrival and departure time of trains.